Neck Contouring

Neck contouring procedures are ideal for men and women who want to improve the appearance of their necks. Neck contouring can make your neck look tighter and more youthful. During a neck contouring procedure, the skin and muscles of the neck are tightened and fat is removed.


Signs of aging can appear in both the face and neck. Neck contouring improves signs of aging. Neck contouring can correct:

  • Lax skin and muscles in your neck
  • Vertical bands of tissue in your neck
  • Fat deposits in your neck
  • Loose, excess skin of the neck

If you feel your neck betrays your age or that you want a more youthful appearance, neck contouring may be right for you. Call us to schedule a consultation.

While most procedures are successful, some possible complications include general anesthesia risks, infection, and facial asymmetry.

Since we make the incisions behind the ears and under the chin, most scars won’t be noticed. These scars fade over time.

Our practice uses CoolSculpt, an FDA-approved treatment for eliminating fat in your chin area and tightening excess neck tissue.

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Our Results

Our photo gallery contains images of actual patients who have seen great success because of our procedures and treatments. These pictures are intended to help you form realistic expectations of our services, as well as show you possible results of our efforts.
To preserve patient confidentiality, we only show images that have been anonymized and approved by the depicted patient. This gallery contains images of unclothed men and women which illustrate possible results from Dr. Riolo’s medical treatments. Please note that you must be 18 years old or older to view these photos.

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