Chemical Peels

The chemical peel is the process of applying a chemical solution to the skin to smooth out its texture. It can be used to treat many skin issues like acne, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. If you’d like to learn more about chemical peels, give us a call today.

Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, discoloration, and scars, often in combination with other procedures. This treatment is commonly applied in varying depths, depending on your needs. We can help you determine whether this treatment will work for your needs.

Just like any operation, some side effects can occur. These include redness, scarring, and infection.

Generally, you should not get a chemical peel if you’ve taken acne medication, a dark complexion, significant scar tissue, or abnormal pigmentation.

Prior to the procedure, Dr. Riolo will clean your face, apply ointment, and cover your eyes with gauze, tape, and goggles. Then, she’ll inject a local anesthetic then begin the procedure.

During light and medium chemical peels, a chemical solution is applied, then removed with a neutralizing solution. This type of procedure usually lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Deep chemical peels can last up to 90 minutes, and involve an IV fluid treatment as well as a chemical solution.

No, we provide chemical peels to both men and women. Our desire is for all of our patients to have the self-esteem and confidence they deserve, regardless of their gender.
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