Now that you have worked hard in the gym and focused on a healthy diet, maybe even undergone bariatric surgery, the next step may be ridding your body of excess tissue and skin. While weight loss can have a profound impact on your physique, you may still struggle with the aftereffects of dramatic weight loss.

Fresno plastic surgeon Dr. Kaye Riolo brings 25 years of surgical experience to patients undergoing a body lift to remove surplus skin and tissue.

Reclaiming Your Physique with a Body Lift

More than a tummy tuck, a body lift performed by Dr. Riolo is actually a circumferential procedure that removes lingering excess skin and tissue following weight loss. This excess tissue can occur all the way around the trunk, from the belly, and the flanks, to the backside. While you may experience this surplus tissue and simply find it unsightly, it also may make wearing certain clothing difficult and can lead to hygiene issues and even infection. A body lift can help you reclaim much of your self-confidence and pre-weight gain appearance. Moving forward, you will unveil a trimmer, more self-assured person!