An arm lift procedure treats loose, extra skin on your upper arms. During an arm lift, also called a brachioplasty, Dr. Kaye Riolo removes excess tissue and fat from your upper arms. After an arm lift, the skin on your arms will be more firm and tight.

When to consider Cosmetic Arm Surgery

Excess skin and tissue on your upper arms can be the result of aging, genetics, or significant changes in your weight. Toning your arm muscles will improve the overall appearance of your arms, but once your skin has stretched, good lifestyle practices can’t improve this problem.

You should consider an arm lift if you:

  • Have significant excess skin that hangs from your arms, frequently referred to as “bat wings”
  • Have lost a lot of weight but find that the excess skin on your upper arms still prevents you from fitting into sleeves
  • Are willing to trade those problems for a fairly noticeable scar