Those frustrating belly rolls! It seems like all the diet and exercise in the world won’t make them go away! And if it seems bad for women before menopause, it’s even worse afterward! Losing excess weight or having babies can leave almost anyone with a midsection that is no longer taut and youthful in appearance.

Fresno plastic surgeon Dr. Kaye Riolo, who is board certified in plastic surgery, performs tummy tuck surgeries that can restore a flat stomach and improve your self esteem as well as the fit of your clothing.

Choosing Tummy Tuck Surgery

Some body contouring surgeries only work to slim the bulk in the contours by removing fat, relying on the ability of the skin to shrink. A tummy tuck not only removes fat, but also corrects two other aspects that contribute to that flabby look and feel. The surgery actually removes excess skin that would not be eradicated in other ways and tightens the muscle fascia that was stretched by weight gain, babies or both.

By removing this skin and tightening the muscle fascia, Dr. Riolo is able to help you take the final step in your journey to reclaim your abdomen. It is important to remember that a tummy tuck is not a weight loss solution. It will only help your body regain a more toned midsection after babies or weight loss.