Capture the value of looking younger and fit

As the baby boomer generation ages, we are seeing more men turn to plastic surgeons to assist with management of their age. And they’re not always being sent in by their wives or significant others. Men increasingly appreciate the urge to look as young as we feel. That need to compete in the workplace with the younger looking workers. That desire to correct what diet, exercise, and healthy living alone will not change.

Dr. Riolo and her staff understand these issues, and the fact that the even though the motivations may be similar, the treatment goals are not the same. And of course hair loss in men is an issue not as commonly shared by women.

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Non-Surgical Options for Men

You will probably be happiest with subtle changes, that make you look more refreshed and youthful, rather than dramatically altering your appearance. Some non-surgical options offer effective solutions:

Botox injections, while providing only temporary changes, can take years off the appearance of the eyes and forehead areas. If the corners of your mouth turn down frequently in certain facial expressions, this can be addressed with Botox or Xeomin as well.

While forehead creases may merely make you appear “distinguished and experienced’, those vertical lines between the eyebrows can give off an angry or tired message.

Botox relaxes the causative muscles, and changes that miscue. While women may request a “frozen look” to their foreheads, it is not a necessary result of Botox or Xeomin treatments. It is equally possible to maintain facial expressions while treating the lines.

Similarly, that high lateral arch to the eyebrow that many women desire from their Botox treatment looks far out of place on most men.

A Chemical Peel, which can be done without general anesthetic, is not a “facial” and can get rid of fine lines, uneven tone, and blotchiness. Acne scarring can be decreased this way as well as with filler injections.

Filler injections are useful in restoring the more youthful facial contours that are lost with age, or diminishing a hollow look beneath the eyes.