The look of an implant with your own tissues

Do you want your breasts to look the way they used to?

Why do women choose to undergo breast lift surgery?

Breasts tend to sag and lose their fullness due to many factors including

  • pregnancy & nursing
  • weight loss
  • genetics
  • gravity

The BellesomaTM Method is a revolutionary new technique for mastopexy (breast lift) for the look of an implant using your own breast tissue.

What makes the Bellesoma™ Method different?

  • Eliminates the vertical scar of a traditional mastopexy
  • Reshapes sagging breasts with enough (or even more than enough) overall volume, and moves them into a more youthful location.
  • Uses your own breast tissue (no implants or fat injections required) to restore upper pole fullness and create a rounder, perkier breast
  • Uses an internal suspension technique to provide lift to the breasts similar to the look of a pushup bra
  • Suspends the breast from the underlying chest muscle to reduce the strain on the neck/shoulders and provide a longer lasting result

Actual Before and After Photos:


How the Bellesoma™ Method works

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Typical female patient who suffers from ptosis (sagging breasts). Note the conical shape with nipples and areolas pointing downward.


Using the patient’s own breast tissue, new breast mounds are created and positioned high up on the chest wall, which makes achieving the desired youthful appearance possible.


The new breast mounds are then secured to the chest muscle, transferring the weight away from the skin envelope, and ensuring a long lasting result.


The final sutures are put in place around the areola and within the shadow of the breast, leaving no ugly vertical scars.


The surgery is successfully completed and results are immediately visible. In time, post-surgical swelling will resolve and incision lines will fade, as the patient fully enjoys the desired outcome.