Breast implants do not last forever. With or without implants, breasts do not stay the same. They are subject to the forces of gravity (a force clearly not our friend when it comes to aging, despite how convenient it is to not fall off the planet earth!) Breasts are affected by time, the hormonal events of pregnancy, nursing, and menopause. They gain and lose weight along with, or sometimes instead of, the rest of the body.

Implants also are subject to the forces of scar tissue formation and shrinkage, aging of the implants themselves, and occasionally outside forces such as severe trauma. A woman may be happy with her implants for many years only to discover that they are leaking. Some may feel that the surgery was never quite right from the outset.

Fresno board-certified plastic surgeon Kaye Riolo, M.D., performs breast implant revision surgery to improve the results of a previous breast augmentation or reconstruction. The procedure replaces the original breast implants or repositions implants for an enhanced aesthetic result.

Choosing Revision Breast Surgery

There are many reasons to discuss revision of your breast implants. If you are unhappy, it’s helpful to schedule a consultation with Dr. Riolo. She will listen to your concerns, evaluate your situation, and let you know if anything can be—or should be—done to your breasts at this time.

Implants age, as do the breasts that cover them. You may wish to change the size and type of your implants, or you may experience a problem with your implants after your original augmentation. Knowing that breast implants do not last forever, it may be time to remove older implants, particularly aging silicone implants.

You can choose to have corrective breast augmentation to revise:

  • Breast asymmetry
  • Capsular contracture
  • Symmastia
  • Deflated saline breast implants
  • Visible breast implant rippling
  • Aging or leaking silicone implants
  • The size, style, or type of implant you have now

Call for an appointment to get the answers you need for your peace of mind. There are many options not previously available for many patients.