The great success of weight loss through hard work, with or without a bariatric procedure, may sometimes be dampened by the resulting rolls of excess skin or stubborn fat deposits with which people of all sizes struggle. Post-bariatric body contouring with Fresno plastic surgeon Dr. Kaye Riolo can help you take the final steps in achieving a proportionate body and improved self-confidence.

When to Choose Body Contouring

The advances of bariatric surgery to help individuals lose a significant amount of weight cannot be disputed. However, while the bulk of weight can be lost through this surgical procedure, as well as with diet and exercise for some individuals, the resulting folds and rolls of excess skin or tissue may prevent you from feeling comfortable with your appearance.

Occasionally, some stubborn pockets of fat still remain. In a variety of body contouring techniques that generally include the removal of excess skin and may also necessitate localized liposuction, Dr. Riolo, board-certified in plastic surgery, can help you reclaim your body and showcase a well-contoured silhouette.